About Property Pick

Property Pick is an online property platform with the main objective to Connect Property Investors to Good Property Investment Opportunities and also a Power Team (Property Professionals & Experts).

Our secondary objective is to Connect Distressed Sellers and Motivated Sellers to Property Investors and Buyers. Distressed and Motivated Sellers have an opportunity to sell their residential properties to Investors, if all properties are listed at a discounted price, i.e. below market value, as this is then an opportunity for Sellers to have a quicker sale as well as an opportunity for Investors to find good below market value deals which they can onsell at a profit or keep for healthy cashflow (monthly profit income).

(A Distressed/Motivated Seller is any Seller who needs to sell their property quickly, e.g. Sellers who are Facing: Repossession; Divorce; Emigration; Relocation; who have Unwanted Property Inheritance or who are Behind on Home Loan Payments; etc.)

Property Pick gives Investors access to:

• Good Investment Property Deals
• Property Power Teams, i.e. Property Experts & Professionals -Attorneys; Builders; Brokers; etc.
• Property Guidance & Documentation, such as: Online Offer To Purchase Agreement; Lease Agreement; Information on How to analyse a profitable deal and buy good investment property, etc.
• Properties in other property sectors, e.g. Industrial, Commercial, Mix-Use Buildings, etc. 


To be the Number 1 Investment Property Platform In South Africa with over 1million Subscribers.


The Mission of Property Pick is to Connect Property Investors to Good Property Investment opportunities and a Power Team (Property Professionals & Experts), as well as Connect Distressed and Motivated Sellers to Property Investors and Buyers, via an online platform.


• To show compassion towards people
• To be honest and ethical in all our dealings
• Committed to providing quality online products and services to our clients
• To show professionalism in our dealings with all stakeholders
• To provide all stakeholders with timely, accessible and accurate information
• To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to report those who do
• To negotiate all contracts with the utmost integrity
• To be profitable
• To remember the less fortunate by investing generously and sacrificially in the broader community
• To collaborate with our peers to impact our communities and nations

Key Services

  • Sellers can register and upload property detail including up to 10 images, based on membership package
  • Investors/Buyers can register and have access to property deals
  • Power Team can register and advertise property related products and/or services based on membership
  • Property related legal documents are made available to Investors/Buyers
  • Other useful property related information/links will be made available to members 
  • Newsletter correspondence and Advice column